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This Cookie Policy of the site explains the different types of cookies that may be used during your visit to the site or while using an application or other online services that present a link to this Policy. By using or accessing the Site, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies as illustrated below .

“Cookies” are small text files that are saved on the computer or mobile device of the user who visits the sites. They are now a standard feature of many major browsers and are used to make sites work more efficiently and to provide the owners of those sites with information on users’ browsing experience. Thanks to the use of cookies, when a user returns to one of those sites, the browser transmits previously saved cookies, allowing him to recognize him and to remember important actions and useful information in order to improve the browsing experience for the user. . For example, cookies remember user preferences previously saved on the site such as the display setting or modification of the language settings etc.).

Although cookies perform several valuable functions, some users prefer to disable them or limit their use by the sites they visit. Many browsers allow, through their settings, to manage cookies as desired. For example, some browsers allow you to set rules for the management of cookies site by site, allowing the user to disable cookies for sites they do not trust. Further information on cookies and details on how to manage or disable them can be found on and / or .

ATTENTION : if you disable cookies for the site, the browsing experience may be affected and some features may not work as desired.


Like many popular modern sites, this site also uses different types of cookies to function properly. Depending on the nature of your interactions with us, and its service providers may save some or all of the types of cookies listed below on your browser. Further information on the options available regarding the use of cookies and other tracking technologies by the Site can be found in the section ” How can I manage cookies?” below  .


  1. Technical cookies: technical cookies are essential for the functioning of the site as designed. They allow our visitors to perform actions such as browsing the Site, using its necessary services and accessing the main functions. Without essential cookies, the Site experience would not be smooth and pleasant and the site may not be able to provide some pages or some related content, services and features requested by the user.
    Processing cookies and security cookiesare two examples of essential cookies that could be used by the Site. The former allow the Site to function by supporting and / or providing certain services that our visitors expect, such as the ability to browse the pages of the Site or access parts of it reserved. The latter carry out the checks and controls necessary to protect the Site and its visitors, helping us, among other things, to authenticate users, to prevent the fraudulent use of login credentials and to protect the confidentiality of user data.
  2. Personalization cookies: this type of cookie is used to remind us of some information on the choices and preferences and on the user’s browsing behavior, allowing us to improve your experience on the Site. Personalization cookies allow us to better personalize visits to the Site for users, for example by reminding us of the country, language and video settings. Many features of the Site should remain operational even without enabling personalization cookies, however the user experience may be affected in terms of convenience and users may be forced to reset a series of preferences at each visit.
    Our personalization cookies can save information such as language and country of origin in order to allow us to show options and content appropriate to you on each next visit. For example, by remembering the language and country of origin of a user, the Site can present local articles or dates and deadlines relating to events in his area and do so in the language chosen by the user. Personalization cookies can also be used to make us remember the user’s preferred video and audio settings (for example, text and font size, screen resolution, etc.), the sites from which it comes, the sequence of pages viewed at each visit and other similar details relating to your browsing behavior and / or your preferences regarding the appearance or operation of the Site.
  3. Analytical and performance cookies: these cookies collect information on the use and interactions with the Site, allowing us to monitor and improve its functioning. For example, they help us to understand which pages of the Site are visited most frequently, to find out what difficulties users may encounter while browsing, to determine whether our advertisements are effective or not and to improve the contents of the Site for our partners. advertising. In other words, they allow us to identify patterns of use of the Site, to analyze internal traffic and to understand how users interact with the Site.
    Warning: from time to time we may also involve some of our partners in order to better understand users’ interactions with the Site, allowing them to place analytical and performance cookies on our behalf. For example, the Site could use the Google Analytics tool to collect information such as the number of visitors to the Site, the number of pages viewed and the origin of these visitors. Similarly, we may use the Facebook Pixel to collect information which, among other things, can help us monitor the usage patterns of the Site and evaluate the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns.


Cookies can be saved on your system by Minerva Medica Srl as the site manager or by other parties, other than Minerva Medica, called third-party cookies: some cookies on our site are therefore not linked to Minerva Medica. When you visit a page with content from, for example, DoubleClick by Google, or, these service providers may save cookies on your system. In this way, they know that a user has visited a particular site and share this information with other entities, such as advertisers and advertisers. Often the features provided by third parties are linked to tracking or advertising cookies.

We do not control the use of these cookies nor can we access them: due to the way cookies work, only those third parties have access to them. To find out more about these cookies, you should consult their sites.

If you wish to exclude the saving of tracking and advertising cookies, visit .


It is possible to accept or reject the Site’s cookies at any time through the browser settings. Information on the procedure to follow to enable or disable cookies can be found either on the websites of the manufacturers of the various browsers (which can be accessed using the browser guide) or, for the most common browsers, on .

Warning: by disabling cookies, some features of the Site may not work as desired.


From time to time we may update this Policy to adapt it to technological or regulatory changes or to internal operational changes or simply because it is deemed appropriate or necessary. These changes will come into force from the moment we make the updated Policy available on the Site. We recommend that you frequently check the date of the last update at the bottom of the Policy to know when the last update was made and to be more aware of the consequences of the interactions of the user with the Site.


If you have any further questions, you can contact us by email by writing to or using the contact form.

Last updated: 08/27/2021